About Mobile Payment Forum

The Mobile Payment Forum is a global, cross-industry alliance of leading organizations from the mobile and financial industries dedicated to realizing the full potential of mobile commerce. Launched in November 2001, the Forum creates a framework for the deployment of simple, secure and interoperable m-payments. The Forum provides an open, flexible and trusted environment in which member organizations can clarify the opportunities and address the complex challenges facing the industry.

Membership in the Forum includes organizations involved in facilitating mobile payments: key financial institutions, payment card companies, telecommunications operators, wireless-device manufacturers, merchants, content providers and software and hardware developers and vendors.

Our mission is to leverage the expertise of key participants in the mobile communications and financial industries to create a foundation for standardized technology and functionality for mobile payments, and address consumer and merchant needs for simple, secure, and interoperable m-payment choices. In accomplishing this, the Mobile Payment Forum aims to:

  • Accelerate the global market for m-payments
  • Simplify the consumer payment experience
  • Collaborate on future directions for mobile commerce


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